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CPE –Certificate of Proficiency in English
Cambridgeská zkouška CPE je nejvyšším stupněm zkoušek z angličtiny pro mluvčí jiných jazyků. Je to velmi pokročilý stupeň, odpovídající Level C2 v evropské stupnici Common European Framework (CEF). Úspěšní kandidáti obdrží certifikát o složení zkoušky, vystavený Univerzitou v Cambridge.

Who is CPE for ?
CPE is for learners who have achieved a high level of language skills and are able to function effectively in almost any English-speaking context. Successful candidates at this level are approaching a standard of english similar to that of an educated native speaker. The exam also requires an appropriate level of educational and personal maturity.

What does the exam involve ?
CPE has five papers: Reading, Writing, use of english, Listening, Speaking. Each of the written papers is returned to Cambridge for assessment. The speaking is conducted by two locally based examiners who examine candidates face-to face. All examiners are accredited by Cambridge ESOL.

Reading (Paper 1): 1 hour 30 minutes
The Reading paper assesses candidates’ ability to read and understand texts taken from a wide range of sources, including fiction and non-fiction books, journals, newspapers and magazines. Cadidates are expected to understand the meaning of written English at word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and the whole text level. It includes understanding of text content, organisation and structure, and the development of ideas, opinions and attitudes.

Writing (Paper 2): 2 hours
The writing paper assesses candidates’ ability to write non-specialised texts such as letters, articles, reports and reviews for a given purpose and target reader, covering a wide range of topics. The paper also includes questions on set texts. Responses are of 300-350 words in length.

Use of English (Paper 3): 1 hour 30 minutes
In the Use of English paper, candidates are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and control of the language systém by completing various tasks at word, sentence and text level. These include gap-filling and word formation exercise, comprehension questions and summary writing task.

Listening (Paper 4): 40 minutes (approx.)
The Listening paper assesses the ability to listen to and understand texts taken from a variety of text types including interviews, discussions, lectures and conversations. It tests the ability to understand the meaning of spoken English, to extract information from a spoken text and to understand speakers’ attitudes and opinions.

Speaking (Paper 5): 19 minutes

The speaking test assesses candidates’ ability to interact in conversational English in a range of contexts. The paper contains three parts, which take the form of an iterview section, a collaborative task and individual long-turns which follow-up discussion. Candidates are provided with picture and written stimulus. Candidates normally take the Speaking test in pairs.

Přípravný kurz ke zkoušce CPE:

4 – 6 studentů
33 týdnů x 4 vyuč. hodiny = 132 hod.
Cena: 17 000,-Kč